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What is the ADC Program?

The Accredited Duchenne Centers (ADC) Program is a worldwide program initiated by the World Duchenne Organization. The aim of the ADC Program is to achieve global uniform and up-to-date care for all people living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

This will be realized by:

  1. Accrediting Duchenne Centers for children and adults that provide comprehensive care and adhere to the latest care considerations and consensus guidelines, and
  2. Supporting centers that do not yet meet these criteria to improve care provided to DMD patients.

Accredited Duchenne Centers for Children and/or Adults provide care according to criteria that are in agreement with the latest care considerations, consensus guidelines, and/or expert opinions. Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team and may be delivered either by one center, or shared with other locations; however the applying center is responsible for the care plan, coordination, communication, documentation and collaboration. 

Duchenne Centers for Children and/or Adults that provide most care according to the care considerations, consensus guidelines and/or expert opinions (but do not meet all criteria yet) will receive advice to optimize care. 

About Us

We develop a unique worldwide accreditation for Duchenne Centers.

The program team consists of Prof Imelda de Groot, Merel Jansen PhD, Nawel Lalout, Suzie-Ann Bakker, Nawel Lalout and Elizabeth Vroom. The international multidisciplinary Advisory Board is chaired by Prof Nathalie Goemans.

Apply to become accredited

Have a look at the accreditation procedure, and the documentation to send in an application.